Anorexia is the lack of appetite. In ayurveda it is mentioned as ‘Aruchi’- ‘Ruchi’ means relishing or liking and ‘a-ruchi indicates dislike. Thus developing strong dislike for food is ‘Aruchi’.
This disorder typically develops during adolescence and predominantly affects girls; this affects few percent males. In other words it’s a fashion disease of young women. The media is playing a big role in putting false impression among young girls that "slim is beautiful". This current social pressure to maintain slim figure are thought to have caused increased incidence of anorexia. This impact of media is so strong that parents become helpless to tackle it. Such type of loss of appetite due to emotional reasons is known as ‘Anorexia nervosa’ in medical term. Girls who have fears of sexual maturation have also regarded anorexia as an attempt to remain pre-pubertal.
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