Laghu Trayi
It comprises of following treatises:

Bhava Prakash (14th century)
This is the most important text, written by Bhava-Mishra on the information of plants and herbs, which are widely used in Ayurvedic formulations.

Madhav Nidan (15th Century AD)
This is written in two volumes, written by Madhava, which is an extensive work on the pathogenesis of the diseases. It gives elaborate description of causes, symptoms, complications and treatments in 73 sections.

Sharangdhar Samhita
(14th, 15th century AD)
This deals mainly with information of various formulae. It also contains the topics like general considerations of health, illness and treatment, treatment procedures like oleation, sudation, emesis, purgation and so on, preparation of food, articles, medical uses of metals and mercury, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of specific diseases; and the treatment of diseases in general. Many Unani prescriptions are also included in this text. This is a short but solid textbook of medical information and formulae, much relied upon by later physicians. The text deals with terminology, weights and measures (Pramana), time for taking medicine (Aushadhi Kaala), pulse examination (Naadi Pareeksha), anatomy, physiology, preparation of medicines, curative procedures etc. The use of pulse-examination in diagnosis appears here for the first time in medical literature. This is the oldest work in which calcinations and similar metallurgical techniques are dealt with.