Dravya (Matter / Substance)

The word ‘dravya’ is made from root word ‘dru’ means flow. The things that flow or changes in due course of time, is called dravya.

All things (matter) in our surrounding are dravya

Dravya is categorized into two major divisions:

Karan dravya

Karana drvya
is responsible for the creation. It is the smallest part of all substances. It cannot be destroyed (it cannot be fragmented further).
There are nine such dravya which are as follows:

1. Akasha mahabhoota

2. Vayu mahabhoota
3. Agni mahabhoota
4. Aapa (jala) mahabhoota

5. Prithvi mahabhoota
                            These five are called panchamahabhoota

6. Atma
7. Mana
8. Kaal
9. Disha