Painful menstruation or menstrual cramps is termed as dysmenorrhoea and it is a symptom rather than a disease. Almost all women experience some degree of pelvic discomfort during and at the onset of menstrual flow. Very few are fortunate enough not to suffer or have major inconvenience. It’s a subjective symptom, which sometimes forces sufferers to confine to bed while others are able to bare this without disturbing their daily routine. Most of young girls were found either absent periodically from school / college or forced to rest during work because of menstrual pain. Thus when it disturbs your routine, it makes you anxious / worried about this period which worsens the condition.

Dysmenorrhoea may be primary or secondary. It is termed ‘primary’ when any pathological condition in the pelvic organs is absent. When it is the result of some pelvic lesion such as chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, intramural fibroids of uterus and endometriosis etc, considered as ‘Secondary’. In these conditions pain may be totally absent during the menstrual intervals but appear in full force with the onset of the flow. We’ll discuss primary Dysmenorrhoea here. Secondary dysmenorrhoea requires thorough gynecological evaluation of underline cause.

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