Other Authentic Works
Along with the treatises included in the Bruhat Trayi and Laghu Trayi, some equally important books are also available, which serve as useful guide for a physician to treat the diseases. These are as follows: -

Bruhadyoga Tarangini  (16th century)
This is a gigantic collection of 148 chapters, dealing with all topics concerning Indian medicine. The work is basically a compilation from Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Ashtang Hruday and Vrund. The author is Trimalla-bhatta, a telugu Brahmin from Tripurantaka town.  It is assumed to be compiled during the time duration of Sharangdhara and Bhava Mishra, viz., in the sixteenth century.

Chikitsa-Samgraha (Chakradatta)
This work has been replicated from the  “Siddha Yoga”, written by Vrunda. It includes numerous recipes and formulae. Along with the usual drugs, herbomineral preparations are also described in this text.

Gada Nigraha
This is a comprehensive treatise, by Shodhala, who belonged to Gujarat in the time span of A.D. 1119. The text comprises of ten sections (Khanda) incorporating numerous time tested remedies, and Panchakarma (five purification methods).

Harita Samhita
The text is written by Harita. The printed edition consists of seven sections and eighty-eight chapters. It is full of various topics such as treatment for various diseases, description of toxicology, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, and many other subjects. The most important contribution of Harita is in the description of foetal development. Contrary to Charak and Sushrut, who explain the foetal growth on monthly basis; Harita explains it from first day onward and then elaborates its growth on tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, thirtieth, fiftieth, or ninetieth day and then on monthly basis till delivery.