Rasa-Ratna Samucchaya
The author of ths most important text of advanced Ayurvedic formulations remains anonymous. The text is written in thirty chapters and deals with the source, purification / detoxification, and therapeutic use of different metals and minerals such as mercury, sulfur, gems, etc.

Yoga Ratnakara
This is an anonymous and extensive compilation of medical formulae, which also contains valuable information regarding health, hygiene, eight-fold examination of the patient, dietetics, weights and measures, etc., apart from a detailed description of various medical and surgical diseases along with their treatment.

These are the ancient texts, which describe in detail the properties and medicinal usage of various herbs. These serve as a reliable and valuable source of information even for the practicing physician today. Many great Acharyas have contributed to the formation of various Nighantus. These are MadanaPala-Nighantu compiled by Madan-Pala, Raja-Nighantu compiled by Narahari, Shodhala-Nighantu prepared by Shoda, Bruhat-Nighantu-Ratnakara written by Lala Shaligram and Dhanvantari Nighantu, Bhava -Prakash Nighantu written by BhavMishra and Kaiyadev Nighantu compiled by Kaiyadev Pandit.