Vayu mahabhoota:

After understanding the concept of akasha let's move to vayu mahabhoota, which is next in the hierarchy of creation.

When we try to understand the concept of this vayu mahabhoota, we realise that we have already moved from apratighatatwa or nothingness of akasha to sense of touch (sparsha) or feeling of something, which is the sense attribute of this mahabhoota. Apart from this it also carries the sense attribute of sound (shabda).  Now we can feel the creation but still cannot see it.  Movement or chalatwa is the basic property of this mahabhoota.  Conceptually anything that moves or transported does so because of this mahabhoota.  In living beings this mahabhoota is a major constituent of vata dosha, which is responsible for movements like that of motor or sensory nerve impulses, food through G.I.T, movements of the joints etc.