About Sandu

A Tradition Of Quality

Ayurved is a great heritage of Indian science. During the British rule however, it was considered fashionable amongst the so called modern classes to look down upon this priceless legacy. It was during these adverse times that a few inspired people staked their lives to restore glory to this magnificent legacy.

The name “Sandu” leads in this roll call of honour.10th May 1899 was the day Sandu Brothers chose to revolutionise the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines. Commitment to the spread of Ayurveda and bringing health even to the poor, were the lofty ideals that have been the foundation of the success of Sandu. High quality made Sandu medicines popular. Started on 10th May 1899 at Thakurdwar, Mumbai, the factory was later shifted to Chembur to cater to growing demand. Sandu is now a name established throughout India, and has earned acceptance even beyond its borders and not in the Indian diaspora alone. Over 100 years, the secret of Sandu’s success lies in our commitment to quality and firm adherence to the basic tenets of Ayurveda. Today, as the fourth generation of Sandu at the helm implements a seamless confluence between tradition and modern pharmaceutical practices. We are growing, but without compromising on the quality in any way.

The name Sandu is a benchmark of Quality amongst doctors, practitioners and common people alike. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the ISO 9001:2000 certification we have earned for our Group operations which include our manufacturing units at New Mumbai and Goa as well as our full-fledged research unit - Sandu Research Foundation Pvt Ltd. While we rigorously follow traditional formulations, our manufacturing processes are totally aseptic and state of the art with no human contact during the manufacturing process. Today, when allopathic medicines dominate the market, Sandu take deserved pride on being known as the manufacturers of Ayurvedic Medicines with Visible Efficacy.

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